About Us

Miann Chocolate Factory is our bean-to-bar chocolate factory in the Morningside Suburb of Auckland, NZ.

We opened our workshop to create our own chocolate for our Miann Patisseries based in Britomart, Fort Street and Morningside, to create something uniquely our own and to create beautifully crafted chocolate bars which we now sell in all our stores. We use all our chocolate in our Cakes, Gelato, Bonbons and more.  So if you've had a Chocolate treat from any of our stores, the chocolate was hand made in Morningside.

In early 2018, we decided to jump in the deep end and create our own range of chocolate. Currently, in our little factory we roast, crack, sort, winnow, grind, conch, and temper small batches of beans and then mold and package each bar by hand. By sourcing high quality beans and carefully crafting tiny batches, we try to bring out the individual flavors and nuances of each bean. 

We source our Beans from all over the world from far flung places such as Peru, to Madagascar, Tanzania, Vietnam to places a little closer to home like Fiji. All our Cacao Beans are ethically sourced for there quality.

Brian & Roselle


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