Ever wanted to make your own chocolate or see how a kitchen works first hand? 

Our Miann team prides itself on being one of the best producers of craft chocolate and Desserts in New Zealand and we would love to welcome you to come and experience a day in our Chocolate Factory, learn how we make our chocolate and see how our kitchen operates and the ethos that makes Miann what it is.
We will welcome you into our kitchen at 10am in the morning and talk through the day, health and safety as well as hygiene rules we have. Then we will get stuck in to our working day with you very much part of the team for the day. We will show you around and get you started on making a batch of chocolate, We will show you how to pick, roast, crack and winnow our ethically sourced cacao, get it grinding in our machines using our recipes. You will be assisting the chef with other jobs throughout the day so its a good Idea to bring along a small notebook and pen to take notes and recipes. At the end of your day we will sit you down to enjoy a craft chocolate dessert.

  • You’ll learn how to make chocolate from scratch
  • We will explain to you how we source our Cacao
  • We will also give you pointers of ways to make chocolate without the large investment of industrial machines which we use in our Chocolate Factory
  • Make your very own chocolate bars, wrap and labelled.
  • Have Lunch and Beverages provided throughout the day
  • Take home $100 worth of Chocolate Bars
  • Finish the day with a Bean to Bar Dessert

$500 per person/ $800 for two people
A maximum of 2 people can attend at one time.
Team building bookings can be made, please enquire at


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