Miann Chocolate Factory Wintergarden Glass Houses

With the world being in such a fluid and changing state we have decided to create a beautiful little experience in our Miann Chocolate Factory Gardens, Introducing our Wintergardens Glass Houses. 
We will be taking bookings for the houses so you can bring your friends along and enjoy dessert under the stars rain, wind or shine. Outside of the bookings the Glass Houses will be available for customers to use should they be free. 

We have lauched our 3 Wintergarden Greenhouses in the Miann Chocolate Factory Courtyard. Creating a bubble for you and your friends when coming to Miann. We can accomodate 4 to 6 people (6 is pretty intimate )Our Dessert evening consists of the following.

Each person in the group receives the following.

1. A Hot drink of you choice, (Single Origin Hot Chocolate, Tea or Coffee)
2. A Dessert from our A la carte menu (tasting platter and Chocolate fondant highly recommended)
3. A Tasting of 6 of our Favourite chocolates of the moment for the group to share.
4. A Miann craft Chocolate Bar to take home
5. A Miann Petit Gateaux to take home. 

The experiences last for an hour and a half and we ask that you are punctual as we have bookings following on from yours. Bring a jacket just in case its chilly. We have blankets but we recommend coming wrapped up on chilly days & nights.

We still accept walk ins for our day to day operations. 



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